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OFFICIAL: Champions League Player of the Week nominees:
- Lionel Messi
- Son Heung-min
- Roberto Firmino
- Matthijs de Ligt

Who deserves to win?

CR7 all the waaaay!

Man United in a nutshell XD

Mohamed Salah: "There are players with the same number of goals as me and they're having their best seasons, and I’m supposed to be having a bad season..."

Straight facts.

thats the result for being a great player, ppl will blame you for being good and not superb. unfair

Hazard to Madrid

In replace of Gareth Bale

Zezooooo is baaack, best news I heard since a while :D

He should pull the team back together now and make Gareth Bale stand up for his expectations. But I honestly don't know why he's come back after such a short period but it's good to see him back.

Now lets set back, relax and watch madrid rise to top again :)

Great news! I heard about his yesterday and though it is fake news, but it seems that this is actually happening.

Welcome back Zizo ♥️♥️♥️

PSG Sour losers!

Totally agree.. so childish

Rediculous. Even though I'm a Man city fan, PSG fans just need to grow up.

Real Madrid is in deep need for new key players, this is a catastrophe

I guess so, especially after their 4-1 loss against Ajax in the Champions league.

He's shit man!

Why are the Real Madrid fans slagging off Gareth Bale?

Keylor Navas signs a one-year extension with Real Madrid - confirmed

Arsenal 'make £14m bid' for Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas

Haaappy Neeeew Yeaaar!!
may 2019 bring us a great football season ☺

Happy new year everyone

Merry Christmas ☺

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