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Big challenge Today: The Best Attacker vs The Best Defender

and the best attacker wins

تحليل علمي لتاثير الضغط على لعيبة الكورة + حس فكاهة رائع :)


OFFICIAL: Champions League Player of the Week nominees:
- Lionel Messi
- Son Heung-min
- Roberto Firmino
- Matthijs de Ligt

Who deserves to win?

Oh i forgot one more player and that's Son Heung-Min Son of Tottenham Hotspur because he's in the Champions League cup final in Madrid along with Roberto Firmino if Liverpool,So he to gets my vote

None of the except for Roberto Formino of Liverpool because the other crap players and piss teams didn't make it to this year's Champions League cup final in Madrid,So Roberto Firmino gets my vote ahead of the rest

CR7 all the waaaay!

Man United in a nutshell XD

Mohamed Salah: "There are players with the same number of goals as me and they're having their best seasons, and I’m supposed to be having a bad season..."

Straight facts.

thats the result for being a great player, ppl will blame you for being good and not superb. unfair

Hazard to Madrid

you are insulting the crap

Garath Bale of Real Madrid is a load of crap

In replace of Gareth Bale

Zezooooo is baaack, best news I heard since a while :D

He should pull the team back together now and make Gareth Bale stand up for his expectations. But I honestly don't know why he's come back after such a short period but it's good to see him back.

Now lets set back, relax and watch madrid rise to top again :)

Great news! I heard about his yesterday and though it is fake news, but it seems that this is actually happening.

Welcome back Zizo ♥️♥️♥️

PSG Sour losers!

Totally agree.. so childish

Rediculous. Even though I'm a Man city fan, PSG fans just need to grow up.

Real Madrid is in deep need for new key players, this is a catastrophe

I guess so, especially after their 4-1 loss against Ajax in the Champions league.

He's shit man!

Why are the Real Madrid fans slagging off Gareth Bale?

Keylor Navas signs a one-year extension with Real Madrid - confirmed

Arsenal 'make £14m bid' for Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas

Haaappy Neeeew Yeaaar!!
may 2019 bring us a great football season ☺

Happy new year everyone

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