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The only way to stop Bruno Fernandes

PSG hunt down Liverpool

BREAKING: Liverpool player spotted with a cup.

At least Liverpool are in the final of European football's biggest trophy the Champions League cup final in Madrid,Who knocked Man City out of the Champions League cup i think it was a certain London team called Tottenham Hotspur ha ha

Goodbye Legend :(
Rooney last international appearance, the 120th, thank you for the beautiful football you made

@Ostrados ouch! you poked the wound lol

@dave except for 1966, tell me about a period of time where English team was not Rubbish?

meh.. I would say overall a good player but never a legend

What!!!!! he was the best English player in the last decade no matter what u say.. its not his fault for appearing in times where England team is rubbish. he did for England more than what Messi did for Argentina!!

He didnt make anything beautiful.

to all Juve fans.. what!?

This guy still is the best... :) But Juventus still has all the chances in the European Union Championship, La Vecchia Signora does not depend on others https://majorligeuropean.wordpress.com/blog/

Juventus defeated at home and lost the leadership of the European Union Championship: https://majorligeuropean.wordpress.com/blog/

own goal saved u.. pure luck!

Liverpool fan dilemma

Transfer Rumors: Gareth Bale to Manchester United

This group of young England players did the whole country proud. United an entire nation who never thought they would get this far. This is just the start...

Andrea Italy made me happier.. they did not even qualify to world cup.. buahahahaha.. Panama is better than you!

respect.. they did their best!


Don't cry for me England, Wow England thrashed Panama 6-0,Panama aren't exactly a world class team are they .

Dave Black the group of young English players made me very happy indeed because they didn't get to the final and a chance of lifting the world cup aloft.

The group of young English players did me very proud indeed by not getting to lift the world cup aloft.

England's player of the tournament:

France: 6 Letters
Uruguay: 7 Letters

Brazil: 6 Letters
Belgium: 7 Letters

Sweden: 6 Letters
England: 7 letters

Russia: 6 letters
Croatia: 7 letters

QF: 6th & 7th July

6+7 = 13

...13 Letters In:

It's Coming Home


What the heck I have just read?!

daaaaaamn thats creepy

What about:
We're going home = 13 letters

6+7+ 6+7+ 6+7+ 6+7= 52

52 years since 1966 ...

Boysssss.... ITS COMING HOME

When you pay $20 for a shit haircut

If Spain do not make it to the final, then one of these teams will be in the final:


u must be a genius to know that! :P

Spain didnt make it!

Rashford Conspiracg Theory:


When I heard that Germany were beaten 2 nil by South Korea and finished 4th in their group:


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