Good luck to #Lfc in the Champions league final. It's about time you win a trophy XD

I'm only joking I hope you win.

Best of luck for the Spurs!! Sorry alexander we hate you now, really hate you lol

Thank you Jack :) and congratulations for your win of the #EPL


Champions league results........

Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United

Juventus 1-2 Ajax

Liverpool 4-1 Porto

Manchester City 4-3 Tottenham
Tottenham win on away goals

What do you think the Europa league results will be tonight?

Napoli (0)vs (2)Arsenal
Chelsea (1)vs(0)Slavia

RM will come back next season, u will see

You can't say much :/

Oh yeah, you did 4-1 XD

Who got knocked out to Ajax?

how do you feel after leaving the UCL? XD

What are your thoughts on the Champions league fixtures tonight

Barcelona vs Man United

Juventus vs Ajax

These are aggrogate scores by the way.

juventus 2 - 1 Ajax
Barcelona 2 - 0 Man united

No matter what happens I am City til I die and no other club can best me...... Not even Liverpool.

come on, Man city just appeared to the arena 5 years ago. before that no one knew it

Do you think that Liverpool will sustain being top of the league with a win over Chelsea, or do you think that Manchester City could overtake them with a win over Crystal Palace?

They sustained it with a 2-0 win over Chelsea at Anfield good first goal by Sadio Mané and an outrageous strike from Mohammad Salah.

But Manchester City did beat Crystal Palace 3-1 at Selhurst Park but it doesn't change anything sadly for us City fans.

I did a quiz and apparently I support Chelsea???

No way I'm City til I die

Lool change ur team afiliation then

What do you think today's scores will be?

Harry Kane picked up an ankle injury vs Manchester City in the Champions league. It was 0-0 as Manchester City missed a penalty early on, but Heung-Min Son later went on to score to win 1-0.

Champions league fixtures.......

Manchester United 0-1 Barcelona
Ajax 1-1 Juventus

Good diving header by CR7

Wo do you think will win in the Champions league tonight......

Liverpool 0-2 Porto
Manchester City 3-0 Tottenham

total opposite XD

Liverpool 2-0 Porto
Tottenham 1-0 Manchester City

London Derby tonight with Chelsea vs West Ham.

Who do you think will win?

I think Chelsea 2-0.

Wow I did actually get it right 2-0

Jack got it right, you lose emperor (partially thu) ^^

Definitely Chelsea, 3 - 1 I guess

Man city are through to the FA Cup final

now it's even easier

Watford turned it around vs Wolves to make the final vs City!

its an easy task, City will HAVE to win the cup

They scraped away a 1-0 win vs Brighton at Wembley; could they go for the quadruple, they could win the Champions league, FA Cup, Premier league and they have already won the EFL Cup vs Chelsea on penalties in February.

Who do you think Manchester City will play in the final?

Wolves or Watford?

I think and hope Watford for easy wins because Wolves are a good team as they beat Manchester United 2-1 twice and Liverpool 2-1 once.

City will win the league. Just you watch....

Who do you think will win the Premier league?

Its challenging and hard to predict as both are doing great, but the path for City is harder than that for Liverpool as the remaining matches for City is harder. Adding the points advantage of Liverpool to the formula lead us to expect that Liverpool is the most probable winner

its liverpool, for the drama ;)

Jack distributing yellow cards all around XD

I feel its going to be Liverpool


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