Team level = Legendary
Brazil world cup team

Explain this shit

yes he's not close to Messi, he's way ahead of him

  • Kin
  •  - 16 Feb

Ronaldo not even close to Messi

His point is that awards distribution among players is BS! Ronaldo has higher achievements than Messi and deserves the biggest share of rewards

Does not make sense.. what is your point?

Mbape knows the future XD

Mo Salah 2nd goal against Tottenham is probably the best goal in EPL!
And here he is giving his shirt to a kid who held a sign with his name for 90 minutes, What a lad! Big Love!

between Messi and Ronaldo birthdays is 869 days, and the same number between their! what a coincidence!!

Very nice article for The Zlatan!

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