The arrogance of Zlatan, the one thing he achieved in his career

Good luck for Los Angeles in Zlatan :D

@footy lol

Some say, when Zlatan is late for training the rest of the LA Galaxy Squad get punished for being early.

Fellani new hairgoals... omg XD XD XD XD XD looool

I dont think this is real looks like photoshop

What a retard

Mickey Mouse

looool little girl



That Bastard!

A disgrace to footballers

mother fu..

Disgusting ..

Racism has no place in football! We are ONE!!

The funnies comment I ever read

Team level = Legendary
Brazil world cup team

no doubting thy are going to regain their crown

Explain this shit

yes he's not close to Messi, he's way ahead of him

  • Kin
  •  - 16 Feb

Ronaldo not even close to Messi

His point is that awards distribution among players is BS! Ronaldo has higher achievements than Messi and deserves the biggest share of rewards

Does not make sense.. what is your point?

Mbape knows the future XD

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