I dont like ronaldo, but this season Ronaldo did very well. he's a key player

Duhh .. boring

Hahahaha nice one

33rd league title.. Hala Madrid!!

Congrats ;)

Barcelona 0 - 1 Eiber... Haaaaaaaaahahahhahah hahahahahhahahahah hahhahahahahhaha
Barca = noobs

Looool .. who thoughy that.. but still not finished

If real Madrid sell Danilo I am going to shoot myself!! we neeeeeed him

Qatar first World Cup 2022 stadium is open.

2 Games separate Real Madrid from La liga title!
today match with Celta de Vigo is decisive... Go Madridistaaaa!

@Mike w8 and see

w8, you will win champions league? hahahahahaha
someone did not learn the lesson from Barca fail in front of Juve

la liga is not enough, we will win champions league too ;)

I see the cup from my seat
Real Madrid.. the Real Champions!!

I ask Barcelona fans, what's your opinion on Suarez and Neymar acting and diving??! just plz be honest

they are just awful

Said from fan of a team that had been raped at home in the Clasico.. hahahaha

not a Barca Fan (of course!!!!) but let me tell you, they feel like shit from their disaaponting team of pussies XD

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