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There is serious low self esteem noticed with big players, its especially high in this world cup. First Messi, then Muller, Reus, Neymar, Salah.. The pressure from their nations destroyed their confidence to the point that they play as if its their first time, this affects the whole team in the end!

Football managers and coaches should seriously start thinking of new methods to develop player mentality, and teach some techniques to reduce the pressure they get, this is as important as physical training.

We want to see the beautiful football with its dribbling and crazy shots, not a safe play from players out of their fear of doing mistakes.
#WorldCup2018 #WeStandByYou

Perfect write up. Infact,this is the genesis of the fall of great nations.
but dont forget this too...... that which affects big teams negatively affects smal team positively.....

The level of the competition is low so far, not the world cup I was looking for.

thats the joke basically :)

Makes someone think of ww

Switzerland is giving Brazil tough times.... Unbelievable !!
what a world cup, big teams are suffering from small teams

no big team

  • Guy
  •  - 17 Jun

Such a topsy turvey world cup, argentina 1-1 iceland, france 2-1 (should be 1-1) germany 0-1 mexico


OFFICIAL: Spain have sacked manager Julen Lopetegui on the eve of the 2018 World Cup. :o

i think they got over it remarkably, great perfomance today

indeed it will have effect on the players! very unwise!

That's pretty weird! It might have negative effect on the players

Stupid decision

Morocco lose the bid.. too bad, it would have been cheaper for us :s

Strong Rumors: after the World Cup Real Madrid next manager will be Julen Lopetegui

Spanish FA relations with Real is unpleasant lately, and Real announcment 2 days before WC was provocative enough for them to sack Lopetegui even in the last days before WC! Bad move from Real Madrid

  • Guy
  •  - 13 Jun

He is reals manager now, hes been sacked from spain!!!

yeah I realized that later :D

yes, its confirmed

  • Guy
  •  - 12 Jun

That is not a rumour


Experience Okay

Could it be?? @Guy :)

Much better than spending 400 mil on stupid Neymar .. I was shocked by that Neymar rumor

Could be, but for money only, now his price is high

we will see.... money talks ;)

  • Guy
  •  - 08 Jun

Hahahahahahaha, i could bet a lot that salah will not go to real madrid this summer

check this Addidas commercial

3 faiths in one team, football unites us all!
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The First to win 3 champions leagues Respectively
- Simply.. Zidane!

@captain if he goes to PSG then he is after money 100%

Your beloved manager is going after the money I bet on that

I think Zidane is going to manage a french team.. just a hunch

I am sure Arsenal board are kicking themselves right now, if they just waited little more

  • Guy
  •  - 31 May

Imagine if zidane and klopp swapped, as if that would happen but if it did it would be interesting

I am not sure why, its surprising! daily mail claims because he was tired of not being allowed to take the decisions at Real Madrid.

I personally think he want to leave while he's on top, what he said is true, a change is needed for team management or players to keep winning. I think he want to seek another challenge and be at the top again

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