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Best fit title: "FIFA efforts to squeeze every penny from WC has failed!"

They made sure to bring the weakest lol
how about to bring Portugal (the UEFA champs) for instance? afraid??

that's right ;)

Good luck to #Lfc in the Champions league final. It's about time you win a trophy XD

I'm only joking I hope you win.

Best of luck for the Spurs!! Sorry alexander we hate you now, really hate you lol

Thank you Jack :) and congratulations for your win of the #EPL

The Dutch play-off semi-final where the manager might want his team to LOSE

De Graafschap manager Henk de Jong faces a pretty big dilemma going into his side's biggest game of the season when they take on Cambuur in a promotion-relegation play-off game.

I don't understand, Why? I can't share news?

What has the above picture got to do with the sacking of Chris Houghton from Brighton, I'll give you the answer none at all,So please explain to me why's the picture of Diego Maradona on this page so please remove it

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