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We Are The Champions!
:) :) :)

  • Jack
    - 28 Apr 2020

What do you think will happen? I think it will be voided and Liverpool aren't crowned Champions!

it will return in June

I hope no! frankly Liverpool earned it and this would be totally unfair

The only way to stop Bruno Fernandes

  • Jack
    - 24 Mar 2019

Who do you think is the best football player in the world? It can be any, old or new.

In my opinion it's Sergio Auguero and that's not just because I'm a Manchester City fan.

yeah right. and Ronaldo is second best?

Aguero best player?? of course not. Messi, Messi, Messi.. that's it until he retireds

  • Jack
  •  - 18 May 2019

Inter Milan are better than you

  • Jack
  •  - 18 May 2019

Andrea, I'd like to see you win a trophy

Andrea just nailed it XD

did Sergio Auguero of Man City in the Champions League cup final in Madrid no he's not, Because a certain London team called Tottenham Hotspur knocked Man City out so there's no guadruple for the City players,fans and management team to celebrate all four trophies ha ha hee hee And no Sergio Auguero isn't the best footballer in the world,What has he won apart from winning the English Premier League, League cup and the FA cup.

Maccabi Telaviv Champion of Israel...

total waste

Real madrid man of the match ^^


accountant will be good for him, put still he will need glasses

He must seek a new job now

  • Guy
  •  - 27 May 2018

Garbage mate, karius was doing very well up until now

shut up yourself! cry me a river.. he's bad ass keeper.

  • Guy
  •  - 27 May 2018

Shut up, not nice seeing him streaming out tears

Ooohoohohohooo XD


Is Ronaldo's move to Juventus a good decision for him?

Cheer for YES
Yellow for NO

Yes best move ever, get out of La Liga please

  • joe
  •  - 06 Jul 2018

yes the best move ever,sporting-man utd-real m-juv.big clubs,big legacy

Yes smart move,
Better than ending his career in China or USA or Qatar!!

With the quarter final starting again tomorrow, here is my team of the World Cup so far -

GK - Alireza Beiranvand (Iran)
RB - Keiran Trippier (England)
CB - Dirgo Godin (Uruguay)
CB - Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)
LB - Felipe Luis (Brazil)
CM - Luka Modric (Croatia)
CM - Ivan rakitic (Croatia)
CM - Kevn de Bruyne (Belgium)
ST - Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)
ST - Harry Kane (England)
ST - Denis Cheryshev (Russia)

Ronaldo up front? On the basis of ONE match? I don't think so!

Where is Cavani?

I would put
Kasper schmiechel for GK
and definitley Ronaldo in front (ST)

  • Guy
  •  - 05 Jul 2018

Its a bit early to completely judge luis as well, i wouldnt count on him keeping his place over marcelo

What? No Ronaldo? Perisic? Isco? What have you been drinking???

Germany 2-1 Swesen

Great match:
Going from 0-1 defeat to 2-1 win
A magnificent late winner goal by Kroos at 95 mibutes
And with 10 players

Proving one more time that the German team has the greatest determination in World cup history.


  • Guy
  •  - 24 Jun 2018

But Sweden isnt a big team! Epically since the lost ibro

Haters will say Sweden is not big team

sweden is not even a big team for germamy to brag about determination.. germany was an inch away from getting out of wc

  • Guy
  •  - 23 Jun 2018

Their determination was so great that they lost the first game and fell behind and were forced to make a comback in the second game

Germany is the best team in the fifa worldcup 2018

Germanyyy is going back.. you will see captain

Reminder: Germany 0 - 1 Mexico

  • Mido
    - 05 Nov 2018

this is supposed to be Mo Salah.. WTF!!? what's wrong with "artists" these days!

retarded artist

artist need glasses!

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