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full domination without changing positions too XD

Complete Rape lol

WOOW! what a tattoo!

Ali, Malcom x, Mandela, MLK, black panthers.. black ppl history of struggle!

daaaaamn he must have spend days doing that

Puta Varane

Will Inter Milan make it to the final and win the Europa League? To me it seems feasible!

very slim chance

everything is possible in football

yes they could, I still see Man United have better chances

Leipzig vs. PSG whats your guess?

Good luck in the finale

I guess 3 - 0 to PSG XD

Varane you dumbass!

Harry Maguire arrested, penalty for Man Utd.

OMG Serie B is more interesting than Sevilla vs. United... unbelievable

That penalty thu! smart move from Fernandes

what a time to be alive!

Man City: Oh, No! we are fined $10 Million!
Mansour: Give me my pants, I think there's $10 million left in my pocket from yesterday's shopping

haaahahahhahahaha so true

Man City easy win thanks to Varane
2nd goal was a joke lol

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