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Looks like france wants a high 5..... come on croatia

France no win... Croatia do it... Victor changed name to VIC'...

@Captain looooool

victor cannot be reached at the moment, plz try again later XD XD

Victoor.. you there? XD XD

90mins and ill be here celebrating, see you soon ;)

@Azzurre... lets wait n see. see you after 90 min

France all the way!

When the best team losses ...

This is it brazil... do it

@The Godfather... welll u said it

They are losing :s

This is football.. not over until its oveeer!!!!

Truuuue.. u said it perfectly!

10 made it.... come ooonnnnn 9!!!!

Just watching lukaku.. not the team

10 10 10.... yeeeeeeh

Argentina survived... will they help themselves this round???

100% Argentina will win

  • Anna
  •  - 30 Jun 2018

Nooo.. big no! they will not step over France

Wondering!!!!!! Will eagles manage the prey?????

it was a cheating match.. very disappointed from referees and FIFA!

Ice melted...............


16th round will be different story

When 6mins saves it....

but the second goal was at 97' min!
first was ok

@troll 91 it was.... they needed just that 1 minute after 90

@Troll Mike dont be a jerk
Brazil scored at 91 min

he gave 7 mins.. unfair

Does anyone else feel the way Morocco is playing deserves a win!!!!

England....... the red just sooo hot to handle....

apparently its true

Surprise surprise!!!! Never thought switzerland would make brazil sweat....

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